• Hanne Gottliebsen

    Hanne Gottliebsen

    PhD at St Andrews University, 2001:
    Automated Theorem Proving for Mathematics: Real Analysis in PVS

    Staff Scientist National Institute of Aerospace Hampton, Virginia, USA.

    She works for the US National Institute of Aerospace, in the formal methods group, on contracts from NASA. Her projects include developing software for scheduling aircraft landing and for collision avoidance. "This is a direct practical application of my PhD work," she says.

    She got the job completing her PhD at St Andrews University: senior staff heard her speak at conferences during her time as a PhD student and met her during a three-month research visit to the Computer Science Laboratory at SRI International in Menlo Park, California.

    "The project, on the verification of computer algebra systems, sounded very interesting - and it lived up to expectations," she says. "I really enjoyed the work and I especially liked the fact that I was allowed to choose what I wanted to do: sometimes you have to do exactly what's specified and you can't make the csame impact on your own PhD, but I didn't feel restricted. I got on very well with my supervisor, Professor Ursula Martin: her level of supervision was right for me."

    Hanne Gottliebsen completed her fisrt degree in her native Denmark in 1998 and went to the School of Computer Science at St Andrews University to study for her PhD. She was funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, the Danish Research Training Council, and NAG, a world-leading UK supplier of Numerical Software Libraries and start-up from the University of Oxford.

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