• Li Gong

    Li Gong

    PhD at Cambridge University, 1990:
    Distributed Systems

    Managing Director Sun Microsystems China Engineering and Research Institute Beijing, China. PhD at Cambridge University, 1990: Distributed Systems.

    Going to Cambridge University to work for his PhD turned out to be "crucial for my career". He went on to the Stanford Research Institute in the USA and then to important jobs at Sun Microsystems - including chief Java security architect - eventually returning to his native Beijing to head Sun's China Engineering and Research Institute.

    "The depth, breadth and style of research at Cambridge is world class," he says. "That alone makes it a very good platform on which to perform - but it also means that many world class people visit Cambridge, and I was able to learn from them too. I worked with the late Roger Needham, head of the Computer Laboratory, and David Wheeler, my supervisor. I really really liked them both, and they treated me very very well. My time at Cambridge certainly helped to launch me into my career in the US."

    Li Gong gained a computer science degree at Tsinghua University in Beijing, the top university in China, and went to Cambridge University to work on distributed systems for his PhD. He then worked in the USA for a research company and later at the Stanford Research Institute before joining Sun Microsystems. His roles there have included chief Java security architect and director of a group producing information appliances, and he is now managing director of Sun's China Engineering and Research Institute, part of the worldwide research and development operation. He has written or co-authored three books in the Java field, and has chaired and spoken at many S major international conferences.

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