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  • Grand Challenges '06 Conference Report

    The conference was organised by BCS on 22-24 March in Glasgow; it was a great success, with more than 100 attendees.  Progress in each of the six current Grand Challenges in Research was reported, and their future plans were discussed and refined; similarly for the current three themes in Grand Challenges in Education. Three new Challenge proposals were also presented and discussed.

    Grand Challenges in Computing (GCC'06), Conference Report

    The conference report has a section on each current GC and each new proposal.  Two of the new proposals have been adopted by the overall GC Steering Committee (GC0), they are now GC8 and GC9 as Current Challenges. The third was a proposal to interest 12-14 year-olds in Grand Challenges.  GC0 propose to take up this important matter, not as a Grand Challenge in itself, but as a policy to encourage each separate GC to identify specific topics, presentations and events that will appeal to this young age group.

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