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  • Grand Challenges Press Conference 2003

    A Press Conference was held at the BCS Headquarters in London on 22 September 2003. The Grand Challenge Moderators prepared a set of Abstracts for the Press, and a subset of them presented overviews to journalists. Informative accounts subsequently appeared in Computing, the New Scientist and the Financial Times.

    To view the abstracts please click on the following links:

    PDF Introduction (46 k) Updated March 2005


    PDF GC01 - In Vivo -- In Silico (49 k) Updated March 2005



    PDF GC03 - Memories for Life (54 k) Updated March 2005



    PDF GC05 - Architecture of Brain and Mind (67 k) Updated March 2005


    PDF GC06 - Dependable Systems Evolution (82 k) Updated March 2005


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