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    Grand Challenges in Computing Research - GCCR'08 Final Report
    • The final report from the Grand Challenges Conference 2008 has been published. Edited by John Kavanagh and Wendy Hall, it gives a detailed breakdown of the conference held on 18/19th March 2008 in London.
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    Grand Challenges in Computing Research - GCCR '08
    • GCCR '08 took place over two days - 18/19th March - in London. It was timed to follow on from the Ubiquitous Computing discussion meeting being held at the Royal Society on 17/18th March. As indicated in the title, GCCR'08 focused on the research grand challenges that were established by UKCRC in 2002
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    Grand Challenges 2006 Conference Report
    • The conference was organised by BCS on 22-24 March in Glasgow; it was a great success, with more than 100 attendees.  Progress in each of the six current Grand Challenges in Research was reported, and their future plans were discussed and refined; similarly for the current three themes in Grand Challenges in Education. Three new Challenge proposals were also presented and discussed.
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    Grand Challenges Conference 2006
    • The Grand Challenges in Computing (GCC'06) Conference - 'Perceptions of Computing' was held from 22-24 March 2006 at the Marriott Hotel, Glasgow.
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    Soliciting New Suggestions for Grand Challenges
    • The Grand Challenges Steering Committee is now soliciting for new suggestions for Grand Challenges, which can be mounted on this website in order to attract support for them.
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    Grand Challenges Reports Published in 2005
    • Reports from the Conference on Grand Challenges in Computing Research, and Grand Challenges in Computing Education, held in Newcastle from 29 to 31 March 2004, are available for download from the UKCRC website.
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    Grand Challenges Conference 2004
    • The Grand Challenges in Computing (GCC '04) Conference was held Monday 29th - Wednesday 31st March 2004 at the Marriot Gosforth Park, in Newcastle upon Tyne.
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    Grand Challenges Press Conference
    • A Press Conference was held at the BCS Headquarters in London on 22 September 2003. The Grand Challenge Moderators prepared a set of Abstracts for the Press, and a subset of them presented overviews to journalists. Informative accounts subsequently appeared in Computing, the New Scientist and the Financial Times.
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    Continued Development (June 2003)
    • Each of the discussion group reports constitutes a firm basis for the continued development of a long-term research programme, whether or not it aims at meeting criteria for a Grand Challenge. It was therefore decided to continue the discussion groups on the website indefinitely. By this and other means each group will continue to add substance to its programme and to recruit further support. Researchers are therefore encouraged to continue taking part in these discussions with either contributions or criticism.
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    Public Discussion of the draft Grand Challenge Proposals
    • Welcome to this open discussion of Grand Challenges for computing research. If you have read the report of the Workshop and our proposed next steps then you will know what the discussion is for, and the kind of contribution you are encouraged to make. When contributing, please bear in mind the tough criteria of maturity for a Grand Challenge. The discussion process is simple. But the success of the Grand Challenges Exercise depends crucially on full participation of the UK computing research community. This will lead not only to a small number of proposals that have been deeply debated, but also to a sense that the proposals truly represent the community's expertise and aspirations.
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    Workshop on Grand Challenges for Computing Research - Call for Submissions
    • The Exercise began with a Call for Submissions to a Workshop, held at the National e-Science Centre in Edinburgh on 24-26 November 2002. There were 109 submissions, which were classified into four categories. Because of constraints upon the size of the Workshop it was not possible to invite all submitters to attend; however, each submission was discussed by a Panel concerned with the relevant category. The aim of each Panel was to produce a reduced number of composite proposals, each incorporating ideas and goals from a number of related submissions. As a result, seven tentative proposals for Grand Challenges were drafted. For each proposal, a Moderator volunteered to conduct a public discussion and update the draft at suitable intervals.
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