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  • New Suggestions for Grand Challenges

    The present set of Grand Challenges was developed after an extensive exercise organised by the UK Computing Research Committee (UKCRC). Many suggestions were made, and the final list emerged through assessment against a set of criteria, workshop discussion, merging of similar proposals, etc.

    We encourage new ideas about GCs to be addressed to UKCRC, via the GC Steering Committee, as a natural first step. (This does not imply that UKCRC is a GC funding agency, or that GC activities independent of UKCRC are impossible.) It is not sensible to seek an elaborate document in the first instance. The Steering Committee sees the first step as a suggestion: a lightweight document designed both to indicate a potential topic and advertise for interested support. With the Steering Committee's encouragement the new suggestion can be posted on the GC website.

    It should be a 1000-1500 word document covering

    1. what the idea is;
    2. how it meets the maturity criteria;
    3. how it is related to or distinct from the existing set;
    4. who the proposers and the potential interested community are;
    5. what actions they envisage to discuss and build on the suggestion.

    For further information please go to new suggestions for Grand Challenges, where you will find where and in what form to send them.

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