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  • Grand Challenges in Computing Research – GCCR’08

    GCCR'08 took place over two days from 18-19 March 2008 in London. It was timed to follow on from the Ubiquitous Computing discussion meeting being held at the Royal Society on 17-18 March 2008.

    As indicated in the title GCCR'08 focussed on the research grand challenges that were established by UKCRC in 2002.

    Several of the grand challenges held their own workshops at the BCS HQ in Southampton Street on 18 March and of course the ubiquitous computing community was at the Royal Society that day.

    GCCR'08 started formally with a thought leadership style panel and debate/dinner at the Royal Society on the evening of the 18th, followed by a plenary day at the BCS on 19 March discussing where we had got to with the grand challenges activity and where it should taken next.

    PDF GCCR'08 Final Report (1161 k) Updated January 2009

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