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  • Panel D Submissions - November 2002

    Panel D Submissions (pdf files)
    01. Mechanisation of thought processes
    02. A theory of the brain
    03. Modelling for the masses
    04. Towards a Testable Theory of Meaning
    05. A mathematical theory of creativity
    06. Understanding the cortical microcircuit
    07. What is the functional specification of brain?
    08. A real time simulation of the brain
    09. N/A
    10. The virtual organism and its community
    11. Creating machine consciousness
    12. Self-reflective machine learning
    13. Evolutionary Computing: As It Could Be
    14. e-Brain - a brain modelling experiment
    15. How can we build human scale complex systems?
    16. Why we need to put "science" back into computing science
    17. A science of approximate computation
    18. The Challenge for 21st century Computer Science is Biology
    19. Computational Gastrulation
    20. Architecture for a mind
    21. Building a synthetic sensory-motor system
    22. Unifying high and low level cognitive systems
    23. Computers as part of humanity
    24. Coarse Granularity - WITHDRAWAL
    25. Grand Challenges in Computing: A Contribution
    26. Full Reactive Modeling of a Multi-Cellular Animal

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