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  • Panel C Submissions - November 2002

    Panel C Submissions (pdf files)
    01. Interfacing with the human brain
    02. Integrating document reading and writing Part 1
    02. Integrating document reading and writing Part 2
    03. A personal tutor
    04. A Grand Challenge in Computing Research: Raising the Level of Generality of Search/Optimisation Technology
    05. Deep Adaption
    06. Virtual Realms
    07. If we could see fit
    08. The creative electronic musician
    09. Getting Androids to learn from testimony
    10. Rendering with intent
    11. Deep Thought
    12. Google for images, not text
    13. Autonomous Computing
    14. The naturally interacting computer
    15. Lifelong e-learning
    16. Converging Graphics and Images
    17. Computer aided independence for the elderly and people with multiple disabilities
    18. Removal of the MMI bottleneck
    19. Live with uncertainty - WITHDRAWAL
    20. Computers for humans
    21. Usable interfaces for everyone
    22. User-centric computational systems for complex problem space exploration
    23. Universally accessible web
    24. The infinite disk
    25. An augmented Memory System Part 1
    25. An augmented Memory System Part 2
    26. Creativity Unlimited
    27. Coping with Surprise
    28. Digest
    29. Content based searching
    30. Design theory for distributed interactive systems
    31. Personal help device (PHD) and the Help Grid - moved to Panel B
    32. Grand Challenges for HCI
    33. Content based Image retrieval
    34. A mathematical assistant
    35. Sensory augmentation system
    36. Companions and doppelgangers
    Output from the US Workshop: A teacher for every learner
    Output from the US Workshop: Enhancing individual productivity and capability

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