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  • Panel A Submissions - November 2002

    Panel A Submissions (pdf files)
    01. The Art of effective Reasoning
    02. Minimalist Computing
    03. Program Comprehension Challenges in the Future - Moved to Panel B
    04. Adapting (and Adopting) the experimental paradigm for Computing
    05. Quantum Software Engineering
    06. Beyond Objects: Improving the modularity of complex software
    07. No more failed projects
    08. Billion+ Transistor Chips - Right-First-Time
    09. A Grand Challenge Suggestion
    10. The verifying compiler
    11. Techniques for Identifying the Causes of Computer System Failure
    12. Programming without programmers
    13. Input on Grand Challenges
    14. Grand Challenges for high technology software
    15. A theory of Software evolution
    16. A contribution
    17. Trustworthy system configuration
    18. Reliable algorithmic software challenge
    19. Grand Challenges for the 21st Century
    20. Safe Fundamental Code
    21. Discovering the physics of computation - WITHDRAWAL
    22. The financial assessment of IT projects
    23. Repeatable evaluation for SE methods
    24. Put a computer on Software Design in 20 years
    25. Weakly supervised visual learning
    26. DeLTA: Dependable Language tools and API
    27. Halve software development waste
    28. The universal parallel system
    29. A contribution
    30. Patterns for embedded systems
    Output from the US Workshop: Systems you can count on

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