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  • Workshop on Grand Challenges for Computing Research - Call for Submissions

    Date:24 - 26 November 2002
    Venue:e-Science Institute, 15 South College Street, Edinburgh, Scotland
    Organiser(s):Tony Hoare, Malcolm Atkinson

    Deadline for Submissions: 22 October 2002

    Programme Committee: 

    Tony Hoare, Malcolm Atkinson (joint organisers), Alan Bundy, Robin Milner, John McDermid, Johanna Moore, Tom Rodden, Jon Crowcroft, Martyn Thomas.

    Purpose of the workshop: to draft a report that describes a range of generally accepted long-term and large-scale challenges for computing research in the twenty first century. The challenges will be grouped and classified, and a preliminary assessment will be made of their maturity according to criteria described below. The report will be made available on the Web with a request for comment and suggestions for improvement or extension by the computing research community. The final report will be submitted to the sponsors of the workshop, to help achieve their goal of the advancement of computing research in UK.


    All computing researchers in UK are invited to submit a position paper of between a thousand words and fifteen hundred words, raising issues to be considered for inclusion in the final report. The aim is to inspire imaginative 'out-of-the-box' thinking about the future progress of our subject, untrammelled by the constraints of historical legacy, commercial application, or shortness of timescale.

    The Programme Committee has drafted guidelines on the nature of a grand challenge, the criteria for its maturity, and an account of the background to the workshop. It has also composed a set of sample submissions in a somewhat uniform format.

    Submissions which support, supplement or criticise the guidelines, the criteria or the samples, will be very welcome. Also welcome will be joint submissions, with authors spanning more than one branch of computer science.

    Invitations to participate: 

    Participation in the Workshop will be by invitation only, based on the submission of the position papers. The number of invitations will be restricted to permit constructive discussions and an effective outcome. Submitters are asked to indicate whether they would be free to attend, if invited.

    An edited and selected collection of submissions will be made available to be read by all participants two weeks before the conference. There will be no presentation of the submissions at the workshop. The participants should expect to contribute to the restructuring or redrafting of submissions made by others for inclusion in the final report. The whole of the final report should represent a consensus of all participants.

    All submissions (except those subsequently withdrawn by the authors) are available at Panel APanel BPanel C, & Panel D.

    The Workshop also produced a report, which you are invited to read.

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