• Submissions to Grand Challenges in Computing Research 2010

    Following a call for submissions to the 2010 Grand Challenges, UKCRC would like to invite comment and discussion on the list below.

    A discussion forum (kindly hosted by the IET) is being set up to allow people to comment on various aspects of the submissions made. 

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    The following submissions have been submitted as potential new Grand Challenges. UKCRC does not accept any responsibility, nor ownership over the views expressed in any of these submissions.

    No.   Submission title

    3         Exploiting division by zero
    4         Synthetic sensory-motor systems for new ecological niches
    5         A community project to create a shared open information security knowledge base
    6         Privacy restrictions in social semantic web research
    7         Hatching a phoenix: reclaiming success from software failure
    8         Innovation everywhere: computing for 9 billion people
    9         Software engineering challenge: achieving zero carbon buildings by 2019
    10       Understanding the Quran
    11       Delivering the healthcare we deserve
    12       Modelling personalised value based healthcare
    13       Towards elastic sensor networks
    14       Supporting independent living for older people
    15       Assisted living - home care technologies
    16       Allowing blind people to see and deaf people to hear
    17       Digital signatures: 'What are you' versus 'Who you are'
    18       Socially embodied technology
    19       Grass roots distributed healthcare
    20       The AI4FM approach for proof automation within formal methods


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