• Grand Challenges in Computing Research

    Welcome to the UKCRC Archive of the Grand Challenges Exercise, an enterprise of the UKCRC to discuss possibilities and opportunities for the advancement of computing research, particularly in the UK.

    Its method was to solicit submissions from the UK computer research community, identifying ambitious, long-term research initiatives that might benefit from some degree of national and international coordination.

    Information can be found on separate pages about the background to the Grand Challenges Exercise and also the criteria of maturity for a Grand Challenge.

    Grand Challenges in Computing Research - GCCR '08 - Report

    The final report from the Grand Challenges Conference 2008 has just been published. Edited by John Kavanagh and Wendy Hall, this document gives a full run down on the event and subsequent discussions during the two days.

    PDF GCCR'08 Final Report (1161 k) Updated January 2009

    Grand Challenges in 2005- Reports

    Reports from the Conference on Grand Challenges in Computing Research, and Grand Challenges in Computing Education, held in Newcastle from 29 to 31 March 2004, are available for download from the UKCRC website. Please use the following links to access these documents in pdf format.

    PDF Grand Challenges in Computing Research (574 k) Updated December 2004
    PDF Grand Challenges in Computing Education (608 k) Updated December 2004

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